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Help! I want more photos and family news for this site!

I am Bessie Buzby's grandson, so my photos and other material are mainly of her side of the family. I would like this website to include more photos and stories of the other Buzbys.

If you see any interesting Buzby subject matter on the internet, email me with the link to the web site.

Here is how you can send your photos or newspaper clippings to me:

  • The best way is to email digital photos or scans of photos and clippings to me.

  • If you mail your photos, send copies rather than originals if you can. There is always a chance that original photos might be damaged or lost in the mail. I will return your photos to you within a few days of receiving them.

  • Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. My phone number is 206-367-7018 or you can email or write.

Where to send your photos

  • Email digital camera or scanned photos to
  • Snail mail print photos to: Spencer Bryant, 8430 - 17th Place SE, Lake Stevens, WA 98285

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Matanuska Peak photo courtesy of Teressa Van Diest
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