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How are we related?

Are we second cousins? Third cousins twice removed? To find how two family members are related, first determine the common ancestor. Then using the horizontal and vertical rows, find the intersection. This will tell how you are related.

For example, Alice Renfro is Harry and Louisa Buzby's grandchild. I am their great-grandchild. That makes Alice and me first cousins once removed.

If only one of the grandparents is shared then we are half cousins.

common ancestor son/daughter grandchild great-grandchild G-G-grandchild G-G-G-grandchild 4th G-grandchild
son/daughter brother/sister nephew/niece grand-nephew/niece G-grand nephew/niece G-G-grand nephew/niece G-G-G-grand nephew/niece
grandchild nephew/niece 1st cousin 1st cousin once removed 1st cousin twice removed 1st cousin 3X removed 1st cousin 4X removed
great-grandchild grand nephew/niece 1st cousin once removed 2nd cousin 2nd cousin once removed 2nd cousin twice removed 2nd cousin 3X removed
G-G-grandchild G-grand nephew/niece 1st cousin twice removed 2nd cousin once removed 3rd cousin 3rd cousin once removed 3rd cousin twice removed
G-G-G-grandchild G-G-grand nephew/niece 1st cousin 3X removed 2nd cousin twice removed 3rd cousin once removed 4th cousin 4th cousin once removed
4G-grandchild GGG-grand nephew/niece 1st cousin 4X removed 2nd cousin 3X removed 3rd cousin twice removed 4th cousin once removed 5th cousin

Cousin Calculator

Here is another way to find how we are related. Click the + and – buttons to find your relationships to your common ancestor "A". Your relationship to each other will then appear.

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