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Buzby Family Reunion, July 2007

Buzby Family Reunion 2007 logo Group photo of about 40 Buzby family members

This fun gathering was held on July 20, 21, and 22 in Wasilla and Palmer, Alaska, in the Mat-Su Valley. We had lots of good food, fun events, and a wonderful opportunity to get re-acquainted with family members.

Photograph of Buzby family reunion organizing committee.

To our organizing committee, thanks for a wonderful time!

Left to right:
• Sandra Buzby ---- wife of Dick Buzby
• Margaret (Penny) Buzby Cherneski ---- Ted and Clara Buzby's daughter
• Alice Buzby Renfro ---- Bob and Tiny Buzby's daughter
• Dick Buzby ---- Elt and Betty Buzby's son
• Barbara Buzby Entsminger ---- Ted and Clara Buzby's daughter
• Ted ( Stubby) Buzby ---- Ted and Clara Buzby's son

Group photo of Buzby family elders and first cousins

Buzby first cousins

Photo of Bessie Buzby Spencer's family attending. From left: Loli Moe, Spencer Bryant, Robert and Molly Gleason

Bessie Buzby Spencer family

Group photo of the Jay Buzby family

Jay Buzby family

Group photo of the Ted Buzby family

Ted Buzby family

Group photo of the Elton Buzby family

Elt Buzby Family

Group photo of the Bob Buzby family

Bob Buzby Family

Group photos courtesy of Suzy Park

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